Zimmerman Trial: Post-Verdict Violence?

Shirt - Zimmerman
Anyone catch the Dr. Drew show on HLN last night?  His panelists were discussing the possibility of violence following the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.  Several of the panelists commented that they did not think there would be any violence. One panelist even suggested that there should be “town hall” meetings for those angered by the verdict to discuss their feelings. 

Where does Dr. Drew find these people?  Apparently, they don’t read any of the #NoJusticeNoPeace or #JusticeForTrayvon hashtags on Twitter.  Here are just few recent tweets:

These are [mostly] the same panelists who sit quietly by Shahrazad Ali says the judge is a “grand dragon” and “got the klan on the jury” and “We have a three point program under these kind of situations: first, we complain; then, we march; and then, we do something else, we throw a tantrum, you’ll call it a riot.” Don’t believe it? Here are the clips:

Let’s hope these people are just outliers and that calm will prevail following the verdict.

BTW, someone remind me again why law-abiding citizens would want the right to keep and bear arms. . .

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