Where are the gun control advocates?

Mugshot - Sayyid KhanDo you ever notice that we always hear from gun control proponents when there is a mass shooting, but they’re really quiet when it comes to day-to-day crime?  Everyone agrees that the mass shootings are horrific and need to be stopped.  But what about the “smaller” crimes that happen every day?  You know: rape, robbery, aggravated assault, murder.

Here’s a “nice” story from today’s Sun-Sentinel: ‘Fighting spirit’ helped Pines woman escape accused abductor.  I give the police a lot of credit for an excellent job tracking down the suspect, but the story goes to show that the police can’t be everywhere and can’t stop every crime from happening. 

I would love to hear a gun control proponent explain rationally why this innocent victim, a law-abiding citizen should not have the right to carry a gun to prevent her from being raped.   Those that have tried have failed miserably, basically telling the victim, “Tough luck . . .  wait for the police.” The media loves to widely report every idiotic statement by Republican on the issues of rape and abortion, but they stay mostly silent when Democrat lawmakers do the same thing, especially if the comments touch on any gun issues.

In a widely reported story this March, a Colorado state senator was criticized for remarks made to a rape victim at gun hearing after the victim testified that the rape may have been avoided had she been allowed to carry a gun on campus.  What’s really frustrating with this story is the state senator based her comments on incorrect crime statistics.  The victim responded to the Senator’s idiotic comments, “I know without a doubt in my mind at some point I would’ve been able to stop my attack by using my firearm.”  Good for her standing up to these elected “leaders” who have the gall to tell a rape victim she would have been better off without a gun to defend herself.

In a similar story, Colorado Democratic state Rep. Joe Salazar apologized for suggesting during debate on gun control that a woman concerned about being raped should not be trusted with a gun — but should instead use a whistle or call box.

I just listed two recent situations where a victim with a gun can stop crime; there were several others in the local newspaper this week alone.  Check out Guns Save Lives for a great website that lists just a few of the tens of thousands of times it happens every year. It would be nice if some mainstream “journalists”, other than those at Fox News, had the courage to report on these issues.

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  1. Of course gun proponents wouldn’t comment on a case like this, it would do their propaganda machine no good at all. You see, rather than present this argument fairly, by considering a large number of crimes, even those that are brought to a quick and just end by a gun totting, law abiding good Samaritan, in order to put together a really functional system, (which I think means as little Government interference as possible for law abiding citizens.) they would rather pick and choose a one in 100,000 case to present to the public as the “norm” in a gun loving America. To make us all feel bad for loving our second amendment right.

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