Uber Driver Prevents Mass Shooting in Chicago

Chicago SealSit down for this one! An Uber Driver with a lawful concealed weapon prevented a mass shooting in Chicago, but the national media is barely talking about the story.

We already know that Chicago, with some of the strictest gun laws in the country, had 2,589 shooting victims in 2014 and already 590 in 2015 (01/01/15 – 04/21/15). Source: Chicago Tribune. That alone is an “inconvenient truth” that the media hates to acknowledge. How could there possibly be 2,589 shooting victims in a year when guns are all but banned? That’s a rhetorical question – readers of this blog already know the answer.

Now, one of the dreaded lawful concealed permit holders stopped a bad guy with a gun?!?! Quick, bury the story!

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  1. C. Donald Stevenson says:

    Regarding today’s concern regarding the Second Amendment, that has armed the American public. The proposition should not be for America’s public to be capable to override America’s standing army. Should there become an American military danger to the American people, such will not be one American armed against one American soldier. It will be America’s standing army against armed American citizens. In this 21st century, no number of armed American citizens has a chance of putting down the American military considering today’s American military might. How say you?

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