Today’s Gun Control Hearing in Senate Judiciary Committee

Patrick Leahy (D-Ver.)

Today was the “gun control” hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  CNN hosts mentioned several times that they were going to cover the hearings in their entirety.

The hearing predictably started out with a brief, emotional opening statement by former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  Also scheduled to speak were: retired NASA astronaut, Mark Kelly (Giffords’ husband); Denver University Law Professor, David Kopel; Baltimore County Police Department Chief, James Johnson; Independent Women’s Forum Senior Fellow, Gayle Trotter; and National Rifle Association Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre.

CNN did televise Giffords’ opening statement and her husband’s pro-gun control message.  Next up was Mr. Kopel.  As soon as he started testifying about the studies which proved the 1994 “assault weapons” ban had no impact on crime, CNN suddenly announced they had to go to a commercial.  They pulled away from the live coverage but then took the time to replay Giffords’ opening statement before going to commercial.  I guess that commercial wasn’t so important after all. . .  Maybe CNN just didn’t want its viewers to hear testimony not supporting CNN’s anti-gun agenda?

As you can guess, CNN televised the pro-control witnesses but not the anti-gun control witnesses.  The sole exception being Mr. LaPierre.  You can read Mr. LaPierre’s entire opening statement here but some of the highlights are quoted below.

In addition, we need to enforce the thousands of gun laws that are currently on the books. Prosecuting criminals who misuse firearms works. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a dramatic collapse in federal gun prosecutions in recent years. Overall in 2011, federal weapons prosecutions per capita were down 35 percent from their peak in the previous administration. That means violent felons, gang members and the mentally ill who possess firearms are not being prosecuted. And that’s unacceptable.

And out of more than 76,000 firearms purchases denied by the federal instant check system, only 62 were referred for prosecution and only 44 were actually prosecuted.  Proposing more gun control laws – while failing to enforce the thousands we already have – is not a serious solution to reducing crime.

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Semi-automatic firearms have been around for over 100 years.  They are among the most popular guns made for hunting, target shooting and self-defense. Despite this fact, Congress banned the manufacture and sale of hundreds of semi-automatic firearms and magazines from 1994 to 2004. Independent studies, including a study from the Clinton Justice Department, proved that ban had no impact on lowering crime.

And when it comes to the issue of background checks, let’s be honest – background checks will never be “universal” – because criminals will never submit to them.

But there are things that can be done and we ask you to join with us.  The NRA is made up of millions of Americans who support what works … the immediate protection for all – not just some – of our school children; swift, certain prosecution of criminals with guns; and fixing our broken mental health system.

RKBA Blog thanks Mr. LaPierre and the NRA for their steadfast support of our second amendment rights.  If you are not already a member of the NRA, please join today.

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