The Media “Forgot” to Report Something

Deborah Hughes

Deborah Hughes

Many media outlets conveniently omitted an important fact when they reported on the recent beating case in Detroit.

You’ve probably heard about the story. According to police, a white male, Michael Utash, was driving home from his job as a tree-trimmer on April 2 when he struck an 10-year-old boy who stepped out into the roadway. When Mr. Utash got out of his truck to check on the boy, police say he was jumped by a mod of 10 to 12 black people. Dozens of people stood around and watched as Mr. Utash was punched, kicked, and stomped on repeatedly. Deborah Hughes, a retired nurse, stepped in to stop the attack and, saved Mr. Utash’s life in the process. A week after the attack, Mr. Utash remains in a medically induced coma.

He was a man. He wasn’t white. He was a man. And I was ready to shoot anybody who hit that man again,” retired nurse Deborah Hughes told FOX2 News in Detroit.

First, I want to commend Ms. Hughes for her actions that day. Were it not for her, Mr. Utash would probably be dead today.

CNN, the Detroit CBS affiliate, and many other media outlets reported on Ms. Hughes brave and noteworthy actions that day, but they “forgot” to report something – before venturing into the crowd to stop the beating to render aid to Mr. Utash, Dorothy Hughes grabbed her gun.

Credit should go to media outlets like the NY Daily News and for having the courage to report that the good samaritan was armed before rendering aid.

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