The Ammo Ban is Off . . . . For Now

BATFLast week, I wrote about the BATF’s attempt to ban certain types of AR-15 ammunition by doing an end run around the Second Amendment. Fox News and other sources report today that BATF has shelved the controversial ammo ban for now.

That seems like great news, but it’s only temporary. We have not seen the last of the ammo ban proposal, so stay vigilant! The agency (BATF) only said it would not seek to issue the final guidelines “at this time” and would instead wait until Americans have finished commenting on the federal regulations and evaluate their comments and suggestions before “proceeding with any framework.” How nice of a federal agency to hear comments from the citizenry before circumventing Congress and creating new laws by executive regulations instead of through the legislative process.

BTW, watch the video in the link above. Fox News should be embarrassed by the host (“automatic weapons”) and the title of the piece (“bullet ban”). The intelligent lady on the left addressed both points, but the host and other guest weren’t intelligent (or intellectually honest) enough to follow.

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