Summary of Pending Anti-Gun Bills

Between being sick with the flu and backlogged at work, I have not blogged much recently.   Several “gun ban” and “gun registration” bills are pending.  I hate to link to the Washington Post, but it published a good summary earlier this week.  There was some good news:

The search in the Senate for common ground on more ambitious gun control proposals has been difficult. For example, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s proposed ban on so-called assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines doesn’t even have the support of the entire Democratic Caucus in the Senate, making its passage a virtual impossibility; Mr. Pryor himself reaffirmed his opposition to the proposal Wednesday.

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Yeehaw and Git-R-Done!! I'm just a simple good ole boy who "clings to his God and his guns." In other words, another dumb redneck gun owner you should ignore. That's what the gun confiscation crowd wants you to think, and it's how they falsely portray the majority of gun owners. Read some of the posts on this blog and draw your own conclusions. Then you might want to start questioning everything the government and media tell you about gun issues . . .


  1. John Archibald says:

    The states that have a majority of democ-rats, including the governor, will be able to pass all
    the gun control #$%@ they want to.
    What they really want, and ALWAYS have wanted
    is a, “total Confiscation” of all our guns, period

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