Proposed: Anger Management Class Before Buying Ammo

Anger Management

Is there any problem that Democrat officials think government cannot fix?

A Florida legislator introduced House Bill 1229  which would prohibit the sale of ammunition to any person who has not completed an anger-management program and would require the  anger-management program to be renewed every 10 years.

Let’s face reality.  Folks who own guns for self defense or to go target shooting don’t need anger management classes.  They’re not the problem!  The problem is the criminals who use guns (and ammo) to commit crimes.  Guess what?  They’re are not going to attend anger management classes because they’re CRIMINALS.

This is a “feel good” proposal that will do absolutely nothing to reduce gun violence.  It’s another way Democrat officials try to increase the role of government in our daily lives while indirectly making it more expensive for citizens to own and shoot weapons.   That’s a “win-win” in their book.

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