Map Showing Locations of Montana Gun Owners

We’ve all read the stories about newspapers in the Northeast U.S. publishing maps showing where the gun owners live.  I can’t believe it, but the state of Montana just did the same thing.

The locations of the Montana gun owners are marked in red.


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Yeehaw and Git-R-Done!! I'm just a simple good ole boy who "clings to his God and his guns." In other words, another dumb redneck gun owner you should ignore. That's what the gun confiscation crowd wants you to think, and it's how they falsely portray the majority of gun owners. Read some of the posts on this blog and draw your own conclusions. Then you might want to start questioning everything the government and media tell you about gun issues . . .


  1. Yeehaa. Every state should be so red!!

  2. Joe Buccilli says:

    Joe says YES! GIT-R-DONE! Stand up for for your right to not only cling to your bible and the right to to be a proud God loving CHRISTIAN and yes you have to carry a BIBLE in one hand and a gun in the other hand, it doesn’t stop there, all your rights to live in peace were written into the constitution and our founding fathers knew that you had the right to protect those rights with a GUN. Now just think of this, If Able would have had a a bigger jaw bone of an ass in a holster on his side an knew how to use it to protect him self and his family maybe Kane would have thought a little harder about attacking his brother.
    We all know that it.s a good thing to have the police at all levels of government to help protect us but when we are attacked in our homes and in the work palace or on the the street and laying there dead in a pool of our own blood most to often the police come after the fact. It’s a fact of LIFE, you may not like but you have to keep an EYE OPEN all the time and be ready to DEFEND your OWN LIFE and limb because 9 times out of 10 no one else is going to be there to protect you and your family that are bent KILLING YOU so you have be ready to protect your own ASS. WAKE UP AMERICA your rights are being STRIPED away from us every day. Step up to the plate and be counted. God save the GUN, it’s our FIRST LINE of DEFENSE.

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