Get Ready for More Gun Control Laws Maryland

It's about control. not guns.There was another tragic shooting at a mall in Maryland today. Despite Maryland already having some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, Maryland residents should get ready for the inevitable call even more gun control laws. On second thought, we all should. Watch for the president to use this latest Maryland story as a distraction and to push his control control agenda in next week’s State of the Union address.

Everyone wants to make the country safer, but those who think that will happen through more gun control laws and “gun free zones” are consistently proven wrong; the only things they accomplish are giving a false sense of security and making law abiding citizens less safe. The criminals will ignore these prohibitions. . . just like they ignore the gun control and criminal laws already on the books. The sad reality is that crime is going to occur in a country of 315 million people and a determined criminal will ignore a “Gun Free Zone” sign.

BTW, while we’re on the subject of Maryland, here’s a nice story about how one Maryland police officer Maryland police officer treated a licensed gun owner from Florida and his family while innocently traveling through Maryland.

Land of the free? Still “yes,” but it won’t last if good men say nothing.

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