The Anti-Gun Playbook (San Bernardino shootings)

There was another horrific situation yesterday in which two disturbed individuals (Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, husband and wife) killed fourteen people and injured seventeen others. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this heinous crime and their families. Unfortunately, the reactions of President Obama, most Democrats and the media were […]

The Media “Forgot” to Report Something

Many media outlets conveniently omitted an important fact when they reported on the recent beating case in Detroit. You’ve probably heard about the story. According to police, a white male, Michael Utash, was driving home from his job as a tree-trimmer on April 2 when he struck an 10-year-old boy who stepped out into the […]

Where are the gun control advocates?

Do you ever notice that we always hear from gun control proponents when there is a mass shooting, but they’re really quiet when it comes to day-to-day crime?  Everyone agrees that the mass shootings are horrific and need to be stopped.  But what about the “smaller” crimes that happen every day?  You know: rape, robbery, […]

Several Gun Control Bills Fail in the Senate

Yesterday was a big day for gun owners. Before getting to the votes in the U.S. Senate, can we finally agree that the media is full of crap when they are spouting off about how the NRA has lost its clout? Despite what Joseph Goebbels might have thought, telling the citizenry a big lie enough […]

Today’s Gun Control Hearing in Senate Judiciary Committee

Today was the “gun control” hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  CNN hosts mentioned several times that they were going to cover the hearings in their entirety. The hearing predictably started out with a brief, emotional opening statement by former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  Also scheduled to speak were: retired NASA astronaut, Mark Kelly (Giffords’ […]

23 Gun Control “Executive Orders” Were NOT Signed by President Obama

Shame on me for relying on the mainstream media to accurately report on the twenty three gun control Executive Orders. Following the President’s January 16th press conference, the media widely reported that he signed twenty three Executive Orders relating to gun control. Many journalists and bloggers, including RKBA Blog, have been trying to locate the […]

What’s the Difference Between a Clip and a Magazine?

What’s the difference between a “clip,” a “magazine,” or a “mag”? Not a day passes where we don’t hear a politician or reporter talking about the need to ban “high capacity clips.”  Occasionally, we will hear them mentioning “high capacity magazines” or “high capacity mags.” Are these terms interchangeable or is the media using them […]

Be Aware of Media Bias on Gun Appreciation Day

Today is Gun Appreciation Day.   Supporters of personal rights and freedom are gathering at state capitals, gun ranges, and gun shows across the country today in a show of support for their Second Amendment rights.  RKBA Blog supports this effort 100% but cautions our fellow Second Amendment supporters to be aware of how they conduct […]