Be Aware of Media Bias on Gun Appreciation Day

Gun Appreciation Day photoToday is Gun Appreciation Day.   Supporters of personal rights and freedom are gathering at state capitals, gun ranges, and gun shows across the country today in a show of support for their Second Amendment rights.  RKBA Blog supports this effort 100% but cautions our fellow Second Amendment supporters to be aware of how they conduct themselves at these events.

It’s no secret that the mainstream media in this country has an agenda when it comes to gun control issues.  They intentionally place their “spin” on this issue by distorting facts and selectively reporting on events, facts, and witnesses, all in an effort to create a story which supports their agenda.  Please keep that in mind if you are participating in any Gun Appreciation Day events.

When it comes to Second Amendment issues, most gun owners I know already “get it”; they don’t need convincing.  Conversely,  most vocal gun control confiscation supporters [more about that in a future post] are so adamant in their position that no amount of facts or logic will change their thinking.  It’s only the folks in that middle ground whose opinions on gun ownership issue are not yet decided.  The key to helping them understand these issues lies in being able to have a fair and frank discussion with them and helping educate them by giving them objective facts and letting them apply logic reason to those facts.  The mainstream media knows that, so they’re going to do their best to portray most gun owners as extremists, wackos, or dumb rednecks.

Gun Appreciation Day photoGun confiscation supporters will be at these events in full force trying to bait you into verbal, even physical, confrontations.  Be assured that the media will manage to only capture the reaction of the gun rights supporters and not the actions which provoked that reaction.  Please don’t fall into that trap.

I mentioned “selective reporting” earlier in this post.  Hundreds of thousands of Second Amendment supporters will be participating in the Gun Appreciation Day events.  I predict that the media won’t show the college students, professionals, mothers, and everyday working class Americans who are gun owners and who vocally support our Second Amendment rights.  That might send the “wrong” message to undecided Americans.  Instead, most members of the media will focus their attention on those attendees dressed as revolutionary war soldiers, in camouflage, or a tan vest with yellow shooting glasses and an AR-15 on a sling.   There is nothing wrong with dressing that way, but Second Amendment supporters must realize that plays into the extremist image the media is trying to create.  To be successful in fending off proposed gun control legislation, we must let our undecided countrymen know that they are no different than the vast majority of AR-15 owners.

Remember that the undecided citizens will have a huge impact on how Congress ultimately votes on the gun ban issue. Let’s do our best to counteract the media’s efforts to sway them.  If you are attending Gun Appreciation Day events and are engaged by the opposition, please do your best to stay calm and respectful and don’t fall into their traps.  Similarly, if you are interviewed by the media, speak calmly and clearly and don’t get baited into reacting angrily to hostile questions.


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