A Break from Blogging

I have not posted here in while since I’ve been really busy with work (and life in general) and had to deal with some website issues. The site issues are resolved, and work is back to a more manageable level so I’m back.

Although I haven’t been been posting, I have been staying up-to-date with Second Amendment issues. I’m going to start posting about them in the coming weeks.

About Bud

Yeehaw and Git-R-Done!! I'm just a simple good ole boy who "clings to his God and his guns." In other words, another dumb redneck gun owner you should ignore. That's what the gun confiscation crowd wants you to think, and it's how they falsely portray the majority of gun owners. Read some of the posts on this blog and draw your own conclusions. Then you might want to start questioning everything the government and media tell you about gun issues . . .

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