23 Gun Control “Executive Orders” Were NOT Signed by President Obama

President Obama Signing Executive OrdersShame on me for relying on the mainstream media to accurately report on the twenty three gun control Executive Orders.

Following the President’s January 16th press conference, the media widely reported that he signed twenty three Executive Orders relating to gun control. Many journalists and bloggers, including RKBA Blog, have been trying to locate the Executive Orders.

Why can’t we find them?  Because they don’t exist.  President Obama did not sign twenty three executive orders; he initiated twenty three “executive actions.”   An “executive action” is not a specifically defined term and can refer to anything done by the executive branch.  Is it too much to expect the media to understand the story and accurately report it?

Several of the executive actions announced last week were implemented through three “presidential memoranda” issued last week:

There is still no word on how the remaining executive actions will be implemented.

A Breitbart article sums up the situation well and exposes the political spin used at the President’s press conference:

On the portion of the White House website dedicated to gun control there are a list of bullet points of actions that the President will take and wants Congress to pass. The same list appears in media outlets and on the Obama campaign — now community organizing group — website Organizing for Action. But actual “executive orders” themselves are not listed anywhere to read, only three memorandums directing agencies to act on three different issues.

It’s a logical assumption that the documents the President signed last week were the memorandums and not actual assertions of power by the President. So, it appears that the President had his children-hugging press conference to announce action but then signed directives to his cabinet and asked them to report back in 30 days. It is reminiscent of the President announcing that he had changed his position on gay marriage. Multiple campaign emails were sent announcing the President’s new-found view, but the President didn’t actually do anything to advance gay marriage, he simply trumpeted his evolved position in an interview and raised a lot of money doing it.

Source 1 – Breitbart and Source 2 – NY Magazine

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